Side Projects

The Wild Dolphin Project

What if we could communicate with dolphins? Can they mimic what we say to them? The Contextual Computing Group at Georgia Tech hopes to find out. An electronics box was created for, and worn by, dolphin research divers to test this idea.

To learn more, check out the TED talk given by research director Denise Herzing.

I created the harness system to keep the custom electronics box secure to the diver without inhibiting access to its features or the diver’s swimming.

Design & Fabricate

DIY Vacuum Table

The CNC (computer and numeric control) router vacuum table was built for a 4 ft x 8 ft CNC router in the Prototype Lab of GVU Center at Georgia Tech. The Center is a research facility that covers many fields, including augmented reality, robotics, mobile computing, and wearable technology.


Pump Piping System

Table Top Design

Routing with the Table

Laser-Cut Cards

These cards (made for friends and family) were designed in Adobe Illustrator and cut with a laser cutter: 1. housing-warming card, 2. birthday card, 3. birthday card, 4. Christmas card, 5. Christmas card, 6. wedding card.

Design & Construct

Pen and Ink Drawings with Watercolor